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Onboard Scales and Vehicle Management Systems for the Material Handling Industry.

SkidWeigh ED SeriesLift Truck Scales

SkidWeigh Plus Industry Specific SolutionsScanWeight, CubeFrieght

About Integrated Visual Data Technology

For over 30 years IVDT has designed and manufactured industry leading onboard weigh scales, vehicle productivity and safety systems for material handling vehicles. Specializing in delivering return on investment solutions for businesses, global customers benefit from increases in productivity and best in class safety compliance. IVDT’s innovative modular design allows system users to experience flexible, comprehensive and customized solutions enhancing the efficiency and safety of material handling fleets of all sizes.

With over 200 software algorithms and hardware configurations IVDT provides customized solutions tailored to the end user. The ease and versatility of plug in technology and stock manufacturing allow IVDT to deliver 90% of those solutions through lift truck dealers and OEM manufacturers worldwide.

Our experienced technical staff provide the industries best response to solution enquiries, technical support and product deliveries. Contact IVDT today, 905-469-0985 or

Note: Current pricing for complete systems includes delivery by UPS courier to the customer location, worldwide.