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On-board Vehicle Management Systems

Performance management tools to increase productivity,
monitor utilization and promote accountability
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Easy Installation, Calibration and Operation

SkidWeigh technology offers the simplest most effective solutions for dealers and end users.
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Don't Compromise Safe Trailer Loading

Eliminate overloading fines and the possibility of legal obligation with SkidWeigh systems
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Data on Demand

IVDT offers an number of convenient and efficient data outputs
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High Performance Bluetooth and RF Modules

Smart wireless communication that is cost effective and keeps pace
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SkidWeigh Technology

An inside look at the engineering behind IVDT
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Instant insight into fleet performance

Industry Key Performance Indicator

Optimize operator efficiency by tracking true vehicle operational idling time within a benchmark utilization factor
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Lift Accurate Technology Hydraulic Check Weighing

Designed specifically for electric pallet trucks the only weighing solution available for class III vehicles
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Mobile Freight Weight & Dimensioning Verification

CubeFreight ED3-MS-EP

Lift truck onboard productivity tool for shipping departments
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CubeFreight LTL Transportation Systems

Lift truck on-board freight weight & dimensioning verification
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Defender IM Series Lift Truck Safety and Impact Management Systems

The easiest most reliable way to stay connected to your fleet.
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Onboard Weighing Scales and Vehicle Operational Management Systems for the Material Handling Vehicles

Electric Pallet Truck Scales

Lift Truck Scale with Enhanced Data Options

Overload Notification Systems

Impact and Safety Vehicle Management

Safety, Productivity and Utilization Systems

Base Station Communication Hub

Printers, Scanners, Fork Leveling



Understand the difference between production cycle activities that comprise productive vs. non-productive operational usage and capture it in actionable real time reports.

Individual driver idling and unknown lift truck downtime might not seem that important compared to other operational initiatives. However, not understanding your businesses vehicle utilization standard will drive up cost through poorly managed production cycle and excessive vehicle operational costs.


Asset utilization and performance monitoring made easy

Every material handling application has a utilization factor that is comprised of lift truck operation variables such as shuttling, lifting, and loading, standing, retracting and idling. Very few companies understand the true impact of vehicle usage and its influence on the bottom line.Seeking to optimize your utilization standard allows you to increase operator productivity substantially.

Industry 4.0 Applications for Material

Handling Managerial & Strategic Planning

Safety First!

Often overlooked material handling operations with small fleets have been forced to use paper and pen to maintain OSHA safety compliance. Why do companies target large fleets only for purposeful access control with automated safety recording? Because it is part of a much larger fleet management offering that either provides more options than necessary and affordability is simply out of reach.

Automated System

Safety is every bit as important to the organization that utilizes one material handling vehicle as it is to the fleet of 100. OSHA strives to ensure the safest environment for all vehicle operators. With this in mind the AC4-OS protects equipment and drives pre-shift safety compliance.

ABOUT Integrated Visual Data Technology

With its clear focus on pressure transducer measurement technology we have developed innovative products across a very broad spectrum, covering an extensive range of applications for material handling vehicles. IVDT’s innovative modular design allows system users to experience flexible, comprehensive and customized solutions enhancing the efficiency and safety of material handling fleets of all sizes.

The ED2 series, developed and launched in the early 90’s, the subject of continuous improvement and innovation has made SkidWeigh the most widely trusted and used material handling check weighing system in the world.

The ED2 series, developed and launched in the early 90’s, the subject of continuous improvement and innovation has made SkidWeigh technology the most widely trusted and used material handling check weighing system in the industry.

With over 200 software algorithms and hardware configurations SkidWeigh technology offers the most comprehensive application specific solutions to the material handling industry. The ease and versatility of plug in modules and stock manufacturing allow IVDT to deliver solutions quickly to lift truck dealers and OEM manufacturers worldwide.

Our experienced technical staff provide the industries best response to solution enquiries, technical support and product deliveries. Contact IVDT today, 905-469-0985 or sales@skidweigh.com
Markets Served

Markets Served

Improving productivity, efficiency, and safety across a wide range of industries SkidWeigh technology partners with fleets of all sizes.



Always here to help, IVDT offers an online resource for commonly asked product and support questions.

Immediate Assistance

Immediate Assistance

Our 24/7 dedicated support team delivers end-to-end customer assistance

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Forklift Productivity News

As a manufacturer working with OEMs, lift truck dealers and common end users IVDT publishes a newsletter that provides solutions, stories, and case studies specific to the material handing industry. 
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