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Case Studies:3 - LTL

Case Study #3:
Adding Another Dimension to Check Weighing

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How Much Money is Sitting on the Cross Dock?

A small LTL carrier located in Winnipeg Manitoba serving primarily western Canada is always looking for ways to keep up with the busy demands of the cross dock. In order for shipments to flows in promised time product must be received into the system, staged and loaded into the trailer for outgoing shipment. In order to keep up with this time sensitive schedule this LTL carrier would have to rely on the waybill created by the shipper. With less than 10% of product actually being weighed at source of shipment this carrier realized that there was a lot of lost money in those shipments and potentially a safety issue if the weight is in fact incorrect. With Dimension also being a factor of rate calculation there was just no way to keep the flow of goods continuing and also verify that in fact the shipment was correct.

Serving LTL Carriers for Close to 40 Years

Faced with the dilemma of keeping up with the flow of goods in transport and check weighing the actual palleted product against the stated waybill it wasn’t long before this LTL carrier called to learn more. Serving the LTL transportation for close to 40 years IVDT has become a cost effective and reliable solution in check weighing scales. In fact, the very first SkidWeigh systems were designed for the transportation industry and over the years we have developed a number of application specific configurations. When learning about this carrier’s business what was critical was the need to not only check the weight of the product but also the dimension of the palleted product to reference the DIM factor. It was calculated that the actual time required to unload the incoming truck and bring the product to the staging area was about 17 seconds during the busiest of times. Going to a floor scale is out of the question with 6 trucks in constant movement. Getting off the truck and running a tape measure is equally not feasible.
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SkidWeigh ED3-LTL Turns a Profit Right On the Dock

After getting a good look at their business model we were able to implement the SkidWeigh ED3-LTL check weighing scale with the LTL configuration. This allows for an LTL carrier to weigh the product within 3 seconds of picking it up and the system also prompts the operator to enter the dimensions into the system. With a tape measure applied to the mast and 90% of all pallets being standard CPC the operator never has to leave the truck and the best part is there is little to no compromise to the time schedule. Once the data is entered the system automatically saves the data for cross referencing against waybills. The operator never has to maintain records or a clip board the data is systematically compiled, and date stamped for reference. This carrier determined that each system netted a R.O.I. averaging $1,300.00 per day. With the integration over 6 trucks that works out to $7,800.00 per week.

LTL Freight Weight Verification & Revenue Increase

Detection and Correction of Under Declared Freight Weight

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