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Case Studies - Building Supplies

Case Study #2:
Big Gains in Lumber Distribution

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Valued Partner:

As one of the largest home improvement retailers in North America the ability to serve both commercial and residential customers quickly and safely is a key to success. With North American building starts being on the rise over the past decade lumber distribution is a critical business strategy for this retailer. Positioning lumber only distribution centers in strategic areas allows for a competitive edge in market coverage.

Customers Goals:

With the lumber rush starting at 5 am to accommodate delivery for start of the day at building sites, this customer needs to load flatbed truck carriers as quickly and safely as possible. With multiple lift trucks in each distribution center, vast square footage to cover in sourcing inventory, and a bay of flatbed trucks to load in a timely manner, coordination is key. Also factoring into the logistics is the liability of overloading the flatbed and ensuring that the lifted product does not exceed the capacity of the lift truck. However the time sensitivity, weight of product, and the space required to travel prohibit the use of a floor scale.
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Integrated Solutions:

IVDT has been manufacturing lift truck scales for over 30 years and has developed the most accurate, durable and simple to use on-board systems on the market. With years of experience covering all industrial applications several options exist to provide a variety of solutions. In this particular application, it was determined that the SkidWeigh ED2-SM on-board check weighing scale with overload would be the unit of choice. Practical in that it does not require any buttons for the operator to push it allows them to focus on the job at hand. Displaying weight within seconds of lifting the product the operator knows within immediately what they are lifting and loading. With the SM overload option available, capacities of the lift trucks are calibrated into the unit preventing mishandling of overrated product and notified by audible alarm upon occurrence. The on-board system also creates the most efficient productivity cycle in that the lift truck travels direct from inventory storage to the flatbed loading area. No wasted time and or dangerous travel routes due to traffic locating a stationary weigh scale.

Integrated Benefits:

  • Efficiency: Weighing is performed on the lift truck, reducing travel time for a floor scale. Valuable productivity minutes are gained and allocated to product loading instead of travel. Increase of output increases growth and secures competitive edge.
  • Ease of Use: The lift truck operator performs only the normal operations associated with their job description. No system training required.
  • Safety:With the ability to see the weight lifted and the SM option providing an audible alarm when capacity is reached and or exceeded safety is ensured without compromising productivity.
  • Liability:Overloading flatbed axels and incurring penalty charges are eliminated with knowing accurately what is being loaded for travel.
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