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Wireless Technology Increases the Productivity and the Possibilities of Your Business.

IVDT Provides Wireless Options that Strive to Support and Expand your Business not Contain it.

900 MHz License Free ISM Band Operation

IVDT utilizes 900MHz long range, DigiMesh RF technology to provide a wireless communication platform that delivers reliability. Our use of RF license free technology means that end users are not required to make any changes or additions to their infrastructure to support signal strength and the use of this self contained communication protocol means there are no cloud or web based data fees. With better range and penetration RF means the data belongs to you.


Cables are cumbersome and in most cases restrictive especially in the constraints of an operator compartment of a mobile vehicle. IVDT embraces and has integrated better connectivity technologies like Bluetooth wireless. With the introduction of the SkidWeigh ED2-Elite, ED3, ED4 and ED5 IVDT has eliminated the need for cabling as a means for connecting accessories. With the introduction of Bluetooth wireless there is no limit to connection possibilities.


Connecting on Bluetooth wireless IVDT offers of a number of printer options even including the ability to print labels. Pairing with the SkidWeigh ED3, ED4 and ED5 end users now have the ability to customize data outputs including the ability to generate barcodes.


Also benefiting from the introduction of Bluetooth wireless is the ability to pair with scanners. Scanner connectivity significantly improves productivity eliminating the need for operators to input lengthy load identifiers and improves data reliability.

SkidWeigh Plus Classic

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