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Case Studies:2 - LTL

Case Study #2:
Check-Weighing on the Go

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Valued Partner:

In business for over 50 years, this national freight carrier is head quartered out Winnipeg Manitoba with a fleet of 700 trucks and 1500 trailers. Comprised of three main divisions, LTL, deck and 3rd party logistics their coverage includes all major cities in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Customers Goals:

With the ultimate goal in logistics being customer satisfaction through on-time delivery and the ability for customers to track shipments on-line anytime, this leaves little time for verification processes. In the LTL business the importance of checking the weight of the pallets shipped is the only true measure of accuracy in billing. However, with time being critical the ability to place each load on a floor scale is just not realistic. Assembling a team comprised of operations, maintenance, I.T. services and an independent consultant they sought about determining how to integrate weight verification into their cross-dock processes. Using a methodology of technology evaluation and trial runs they eventually put a plan in place.
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Integrated Solutions:

The initial trial run suggested that on average, per forklift, the company was loosing up to $2,500.00 per day in lower misrepresented weight. The shipper’s waybills were simply not reflecting the rate pricing of the carrier. The company decided not only to implement IVDT’s check weighing system but, to use the SkidWeigh Plus ED4 with RF communication and its Base Station communication hub. This system allowed each forklift equipped with an ED4 on-board unit to check-weigh each load as soon as it is picked up in the staging area. In addition, the forklift operator could enter the customer/load ‘Pro-Number’ into the system and send the actual weight wirelessly to the Base Station. From the Base Station the system sends a daily batch weight report allowing accounting to compare actual weights vs. shipper stated weights and make invoicing corrections reflecting actual price rates. The system also allows the forklift operator to print a weight receipt should the customer request a proof ticket and the on-board computer also keeps a back up record of all weights recorded that can be downloaded by USB by an authorized supervisor.

Integrated Benefits:

  • Customized Solution: Carrier is able check-weigh all loads without loosing time going to a floor scale.
  • Information is collected immediately and with data integrity by elimination human writing errors.
  • USB Data collection back up.
  • Efficiency: Steps are eliminated for the lift truck operator, the need to write down information on a clipboard and the need to take the load on a pallet to a floor scale save time and money. The process of rebilling is significantly shortened by way of automatic data send to accounting and the shortening of time involved to get that information with the elimination of paper collection.
  • Ease of Use: The lift truck operator performs only the normal operations associated with their job description. No system training is required with a 2 step process of ‘Pro-Number’ entry and printing tickets.
  • Safety: Allowing the operator to focus on driving only the productivity route required, no deviations for floor scale. No distraction writing on clipboard with the usage of data entry and print tickets.

Freight weight verification on the go

To get an accurate understanding of what introducing a SkidWeigh system can do for your business input your daily detection & correction range of under declared freight weight below to determine your own ROI.

LTL Freight Weight Verification & Revenue Increase

Detection and Correction of Under Declared Freight Weight

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