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Best in Class Freight Shipping Documentation Starts at the Source

More than ever the demands of modern distribution and speed of dock to dock cycle times are being pushed to the source, the shipping departments where products originate. Pushed to do more with less, quite often the solution is to manually perform basic weighing and dimensioning pre-shipping procedures and send via paper to other administrative groups for processing. The result is a process that is lengthy, laborious and in many cases not accurate. Organizations across all industries are looking for cost effective ways to move shipments off loading docks as quickly as possible. Simply put, gone are the days where shippers can regulate process times. Staging product and moving it back and forth to floor scales and receipt stations with the assistance of upstream departments is becoming problematic. Shipping efficiency more than ever helps define a company very brand with respect to customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Integrated Visual Data Technology has been a key supplier to the freight industry for years and CubeFreight-MS provides shipping departments of all sizes and industry affiliation a practical solutions to processing outgoing freight fast and effective. CubeFreight-MS turns any electric pallet truck into a mobile (at the source) shipping system. Capable of obtaining accurate weight and dimension coordinates, CubeFreight-MS's automated pallet process eliminates paperwork and can even connect through Bluetooth to scanners and print barcoded product labels. Moreover, the system integrates easily to any network with limited to no IT requirement that allows crucial shipping data to be processed quicker. Save time, increase productive floor space, and eliminate errors. Move more product with CubeFreight-MS.

Challenges Facing Shipping Departments

Many shipping departments fall short of optimization because of failure to address the following 4 challenges.​These challenges are embedded in most shipping processes because the combination of challenges is often seen as to costly and or complex to overcome. Think again.
1. Cost of Labor

Companies that are manually attempting to keep up with shipping schedules are forced to compensate with people and additional process.

2. Incorrect Equipment

Most shipping departments use floor scales and tape measures to try and keep up with shipping demands. Often sacrificing accuracy or completion of information. Static dimensioning systems are too cumbersome and costly while load cell lift truck scales are too hard to maintain.

3. Spatial Layout

With floor scales being the norm in most shipping departments spatial layout becomes a concern in order to determine correct weight and dimension. Lift truck travel paths are created in order to bring product from the staging area to the scale and back.

4. Time

The end result of all the above, is the impact of losing productive time in order to perform compensatory processes.

How CubeFreight-MS Can WORK for You?

CubeFreight-MS turns your electric pallet truck into a cost effective mobile shipping system capable of keeping up with even the most demanding shipping schedules. CubeFreight-MS's automatic freight verification process right at the source of the staging area and output ability, start and finish the shipping process in seconds.
Simple, Integrated and Accurate

LTL freight effectively begins in the shipping departments of millions of businesses throughout North America. Quite often shipping departments are understaffed and not properly equipped to provide LTL carriers with the correct weight and dimensions of the out bound freight. The result is re-invoicing from the carrier only to hit an operating budget weeks and months after it has left the source. All shipping departments that utilize an electric pallet truck can now cost effectively integrate a CubeFreight-MS to ensure correct weight and dimension coordinates. Within seconds a single operator can determine all that is required to ship and even print out barcoded labels for continued sort at the cross dock.

CubeFreight-MS Advantages

  • Accurate outbound invoices.
  • Can integrate with current shipping process and or become stand alone complete shipping system.
  • CubeFreight-MS provides all shipping log data in a number of easy access sources.
  • With the entire data process scaled down to approximately 10 seconds, freight preparation volumes are significantly decreased.
  • Staging, storage and pallet movement planning is more effective.
  • Eliminates the need for unnecessary travel to a floor scale or static dimensioning device.
  • CubeFreight-MS +/- 1% or better of vehicle lifting capacity complies with ISO standards and is sustainable for freight shipping.
  • CubeFreight-MS captures dimensioning measurements as trade legal as a tape measure in a fraction of the time.
  • Installs on any vehicle in approximately 2 hours.
  • High operator acceptance rate as process is designed for automatic input.
  • Simple, Integrated and Accurate

CubeFreight-MS: The Right Data Exchange for You

If you are responsible for a shipping department with one electric pallet truck or a multi-facility, multi-pallet truck user with high volume CubeFreight-MS has the the right data platform for you.


The CubeFreight ED3-MS-EP is the perfect system for smaller fleets or general shipping departments where time sensitivity is manageable. The ED3-MS-EP system provides end users with the complete automatic weight and dimensioning process and records all data for USB export. Pro numbers or waybill information is conveniently provided for in a manipulatable .csv excel file. The ED3-MS-EP is also capable of supporting both scanners and printers for quicker input and record printing.


The CubeFreight ED4-MS-EP operates on a wireless communication platform that connects directly to your network to provide all freight and shipping data automatically. Free of cumbersome and costly wi-fi and or cloud based technologies the ED4-MS-EP utilizes a Base Station communication hub to collect, archive and present data in convenient forms such as ftp, LAN webpage and USB report back up. The ED4-MS-EP along with the Base Station eliminates timely steps in obtaining critical data and puts it at your finger tips. The ED4-MS-EP is also capable of supporting both scanners and printers for quicker input and record printing.


Accessories Designed to maximize efficiency CubeFreight provides a number of accessories to enhance the shipping process.

Pallet Height Indicators & Scanners and Printers

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