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Customized Solutions Easier Than you Think

Customized Solutions Easier Than you Think

When it comes to adopting on-board vehicle technology to increase efficiency or improve productivity in material handling flow, in most cases it involves some sort of compromise. The end user must evaluate existing systems and determine which one fits their needs best then modify and tweak existing processes in order to make it work as needed. Off the shelf productivity systems can and do provide good results for the end user but with a strong commitment to changing both processes and the people involved. What if you could reverse the selection process based on a needs first approach? What if you could work directly with the supplier and modify and tweak the technology and supporting software to suit your exact requirements? At IVDT, you can.
Our approach has always been the ability to offer and develop customized solutions for a specific need based on our industry leading weigh scales, impact detection and vehicle management systems. Recently IVDT was presented with an application from a LTL trucking company that was looking to transport expense recoverable card board from multiple store locations across the country. The problem the company faced; how to track the weight of each load, ensure that the right location gets credit for the recoverable and manage the data efficiently and accurately without paper. Analyzing the processes involved, IVDT was able to modify the ED4 Data Plus Scale System to accept a wireless barcode scanner fitted onto the lift truck to record the waybill number. From this the software was then customized to fit the existing processes required of the lift truck driver to recover the weight without need of a floor scale. Once the identification and weight data was recorded, the customized ED4 then automatically sends the data to a wi-fi base station where management can download and appropriate the reimbursement to the proper store of origin.
The end result was the elimination of manual various steps as the forklift operators are no longer required to exit the forklift to record data or drive to a floor scale. The guarantee of accurate data as the waybill number identifying the store is recorded and matched with weight electronically through a wireless barcode scanner. And finally the elimination of manual reporting as the RF base station produces the report automatically for management to expedite. Total time in the development and testing was approximately 6 weeks with the cost still being more advantageous than off the shelf systems. Backed by the same warranty and commitment to quality, IVDT offers customized solutions to suit most applications.

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