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Easy Installation, Calibration and Operation

Simplicity right through is built in to all SkidWeigh systems

Our Goal is to Always Make SkidWeigh Technology Easy to Work With, So You Can Focus On Your Material Handling Operation

For over 30 years OEM’s, Material Handling Dealers and End Users have chosen IVDT exclusively as their goto provider for material handling scales. The reason is quite SIMPLE, literally, no one builds a simpler, easier and reliable scale for your material application. With the most complete offering of options and software configurations we boost productivity and increase safety. When your business or your customers business is on the line who are you going to trust?

Easy and Simple Installation

All SkidWeigh systems are designed and supported to be easy in the field installations. Material handling dealers and end users a like can count on a quick manageable process that gets the vehicle back into operation more productive than ever. Weather your a dealer based technician or competent end user SkidWeigh's step by step process leaves nothing to guess.

How Simple?

  • Installs in 2 hours
  • System power supply 12-90 VDC
  • No micro switches or hydraulic return lines
  • 12 hour live tech support

Easy Calibration and Set Up

Designed with the end user in mind SkidWeigh systems can be calibrated and or set up in minutes requiring no technical support. This means that all SkidWeigh systems are self manageable not requiring external support. Dealers can focus on core deliverables and end users can cost effectively focus on business.

How Easy?

  • Calibrates in less than 5 minutes
  • Does not require technical certification to calibrate
  • No on-going calibration needed
  • 12 hour live customer support

Easy to Operate

Understanding that SkidWeigh systems need to add productivity to material handling operations not create distractions, simplicity is engineered into the operating process. SkidWeigh systems utilize detection prompt technology designed to provide automatic feedback. This provides operators an easy to use favourable system that boost their productivity not workload.

How Easy?

  • Lift-N-Weigh Technology: Displays weight in 3 seconds
  • Designed to limit operator touch point
  • Easy to read LED/LCD display
  • No ‘zeroing’ required

Easy Options

SkidWeigh systems utilize a comprehensive CPU with digital enhancement options that make it easy for end users to dial into their application. Many on board systems are platformed based that require customers to choose more options or less options depending on the offering selection. SkidWeigh details option plug ins that allow the users to cost effectively create the system that suits best now and add in the future.

How Easy?

  • Modular design means you select only the options required
  • 200 plus software configurations allow for application specific integration
  • Designed with the operator in mind
  • Cost effective custom and retrofit upgrades

SkidWeigh Plus Classic

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