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ED4-EP Options & Applications

SkidWeigh Plus ED4-EP for Electric Pallet Trucks

  • Engineered specifically for Electric Pallet Trucks with ‘Lift Interrupt Technology’ ® Installs in approximately 2.5 hours
  • Does not de-rate or require an OEM modified capacity plate
  • Does not require maintenance or on-going calibration
  • ‘Lift-N-Weigh’ operation, simplistic and intuitive approach to operator input
  • +/- 1% of rated capacity or better, best in the industry
  • Real Time Information, Time, Weigh, Operator ID, Customizable
  • Built specifically for lift trucks
  • IVDT manufactures to an IP65 rating suitable for the toughest environments
  • Modular design engineering means more options and customization
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Rugged, Reliable, Accurate

Installation & Calibration Manual

Lift Accurate Technology Measurement Systems

‘Lift Accurate Technology’ designed specifically for the hydraulic system of electric pallet trucks
Compact 4” x 2” x 3” Digital Indicator
Large Easy Read Six Digit LED Display
No Button Design Easy to Use and Does Not Impede Productivity
IP67 Harsh Environment Protective Enclosure
Universal Power Supply from 12 to 60 VDC
Proprietary and Modular Software for Easy Application Customization
Real Time Clock and Data Stamp Validation
Automatic Calibration Process
'Lift-N-Weigh’ Operating Process Works in any Language
Operable with Forks, Attachments and Hydraulic Accumulators
Two Independent Weighing Channels
Reverse Polarity Protection
Industry Leading Accuracy and Reliability with +/-1% of Rated Capacity or Better
Swiss Manufactured Pressure Transducers Specifically for the Material Handling Industry
2 Year Warranty
Housing ABS NEMA Type 4X, size 120 x 80 x 55 mm
Real Time Clock With battery backup
Flash Memory 64M
10 Bit Analog Channels 2
Digital Inputs 2
Display LCD display 2 x 16 characters, super twist, high contrast with LED backlight
LCD Display Size 68 x 27 x 11 mm
LCD optimum viewing angle +/- 30 degree from operator’s line of sight
Operating Voltage 12 to 60 V DC
Current Consumption <65 mA
System Set Up Password protection
Communication Interface Bluetooth V2.01
Alphanumeric keypad 16 keys membrane keypad
Keypad With functions overlay
Inputs Four analog inputs
Language English and French
Connector Liquid tight straight thru fitting for electrical cable
Operating Temperature With Standard LCD Display -20°C to + 50°C
Operating Temperature With Extended Temp. LCD -20°C to + 70°C (* special order)
Storage Temperature -40°C to + 80°C
Weight Function Graduations 1,5,25,50 and 100
Weighing Session Sample Rate 16000 samples
Weighing Accuracy Within +/- 0.1 to 1% of vehicle lifting capacity
Weighing Lifting Capacity Up to 99999 pounds or kg
Output Relay 2 relay’s, contact rating 1A, SPDT
Internal Buzzer 60 dB at 30 cm distance
Custom Manufactured Swiss Made
Pressure Transducer Port 1/4"-18 NPT male thread
Hydraulic Spike Protection Built in pressure snubber
Proof Pressure 2.5 x range or 6000 PSI
Environmental NEMA 4X
Electrical Plug Connection M12 x 1 metal thread
UL Standard 873
Shock IEC 60068-2-6
Power Supply 8 to 33 V DC
Insulation Voltage 500 V DC
Response Time <1ms
Load Cycle <100 Hz
Current Consumption 4mA
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Over Voltage Protection Yes
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Housing Material Stainless steel (AISI 303)
Weight 95 g
Installation Unrestricted
EMC Conformity EN 61326-2-3-2006 pressure sensor
Temperature Influence On Accuracy Negligible
Exceeding Rapture Pressure No media egress
3 Wires Electrical Cable Gauge 18 AWG STC SR-PVC, 1 meter
AT Accumulated Total Provides ED2 users the ability to calculate the total weight of a series of loads
2X Two independent Weighing Channels Allows ED2 users to use the system on both forks and quick disconnect attachments without recalibration each time
ID Operator ID Systems prompts operator to identify him/herself via 3 digit code
OS Safety Check Prompts the operator to complete a certified pre-shif safety check
PC Parts Count Allows the user of the ED3 system the ability to calculate the number parts based based on pre-programming the part weight and tare
Print Printer Interface Provided the ED2 user the ability to connect a printer to the system for purposes of printed receipt or labelling
Above configurations based on popular industry requirements SL and 2X can not be used at the same time
ED4-EP-AT Standard weighing system with accumulative load weight total
ED4-EP-2X Standard weighing system with two independent weighing channels
ED4-EP-2X-AT Standard weighing system with two independent weighing channels and accumulative load weight total for each weighing channel
ED4-EP-ID Standard weighing system with 3 digit code operator identification
ED4-EP-OS Standard weighing system with programmed pre-shift safety check
ED4-EP-PC Standard weighing system with the ability to determine the number of parts lifted
ED4-Print Standard weighing system with accumulative load weight total with Bluetooth interface for onboard printer

SkidWeigh Plus Classic

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