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Case Studies - 3PL

Case Study #1:
Efficiency & Compliancy

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Valued Partner:

This large North American contract manufacturer that specializes in the consumer goods industry, handles the complete process from formulator, to manufacturing to distribution. Specifically serving the distribution services this warehousing operation was looking for a way to effectively manage the weight of product as it was destined for ocean going containers.

Customers Goals:

With the need to weigh product headed overseas the task of weighing each load specifically on a floor scale would not be practical and allow for current productivity cycles to be met. In addition, the administrative requirement to record and distribute the data associated with each individual load would not be possible for current lift truck operators or physically possible for administrative staff. With no current system already in place there was also the absence of an automatic process to integrate the data into their business system.
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Integrated Solutions:

Built on the modular platform of the SkidWeigh Plus ED3 we were able to integrate the popular scale with the versatility and programmability of the Zebra QLn420 Bluetooth label printer. Effectively the operator can now weigh and record each load as they lift it, with no additional time consuming travels. With the push of a button the system prints out a custom label that details the weight of the shipment and a barcode specific to the load identification that allows the distributor to scan the load and enter the information into their business system. The customized label also details each load specific to the unit or vehicle number that process the weight.

Integrated Benefits:

  • Ease of Use: As with all SkidWeigh product, the SkidWeigh ED3 is a one-button system to produce the label. It is designed for minimal operator involvement. Once the load is labeled staging personnel take over.
  • Accuracy: No lost files as the security and integrity of the data is always protected. The accuracy is also empirically accurate and free of human error. Guaranteed to +/- 1% of lift truck capacity.
  • Safety: Less travel to find available floor scales mean less exposure for operators. Operators are more focused on the task of driving the forklift and managing the load safely rather than the distraction of admin duties.
  • R.O.I:The onboard recycling system reduces the need for additional personnel and streamlines the current process for both the forklift operator and admin staff. Total time to weigh, record and stamp a load is 15 seconds. The system saves end users fines and time associated with stopping shipments due to not meeting regulatory requirements.
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