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Case Studies - Oil & Gas

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Case Study #1: Improving Asset Utilization and Operational Efficiency

High Profile Industry Requires High Productivity

The oil and gas industry is one of the highest profile industries in the world. All modern and emerging economies depend on its continuum and technological advancements. However, exploration and extraction of petroleum is only one small part of what comprises oil and gas companies. We are fortunate to have partnered with a Canadian oil and gas giant and play a major part in both their productivity and safety initiatives in their western operations. The ability to move, store and fabricate seem less-pipe assemblies in strategic geographical locations is critical to maintaining volume objectives. The management in these operational supply stores were finding it difficult to understand with certainty how much weight was being lifted by their large capacity forklifts as each pipe assembly requirement was different. The large storage yard made it difficult to maintain productivity and source crane scales at the same time and when found ensuring safe capacity adherence would be too late.

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Defining Specifications through Modular Options

Originally contacted as part of a multi-participant tender process this oil and gas company started to research the participants involved. The operations team responsible for the purchase became increasingly interested in the modular options available to the SkidWeigh ED series lift truck check weighing scales.
A meeting was requested. We discussed the immediate needs required but also did a deeper analysis on what would not only meet the tender bid but improve their operation process. As the stores are readying the pipe assemblies for travel to extraction sites or other geographical stores, operators are responsible for compiling load identifiers during the shift and passing them onto the foremen to compile an activity report. Based one the requirement of load weight, overloading, and load identification we recommended the SkidWeigh ED3 system.

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SkidWeigh ED3 Drives the Process

Based on the outcome of the meeting the tender specifications were written to the SkidWeigh ED3 with the ability to weight, notify of overloading, enter a waybill number and download to USB with a time and date stamp. Although several submitted no competitive scale manufacturer could meet all specifications required. The result was the introduction the ED3 on all trucks loading flatbed trailers for travel. Now the operators could weigh product at the storage source immediately. With the ED3 waybill option and USB data extraction operators could put away the pen and paper reporting and simple enter the load identification and the system takes care of the rest. When the shift is over the foreman simple takes a standard USB flash drive and downloads a complete report of the shifts activities. Eliminated is the step of reproducing outgoing load records, but more importantly is the ability to match the load with a weight. The system also provides notification to the operator through an audible alarm when overloading occurs increasing safety awareness where it matters most, the forklift.

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