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Case Study #1: SkidWeigh Helps Avoid Racking Overloading

The Cost of Not Knowing:

The largest supplier and manufacturer of solid wood and composite moldings in North America with 7 manufacturing facilities and 26 distribution centers realized quickly they had a series issue on their hands. In both the manufacturing and distribution centers racking is a big part of the way both incoming and outgoing product is stored, sorted and categorized. With a vast number of SKU numbers associated with their product and different order lots the company struggled with the ability to know with certainty what weight is being placed on what rack. With varied capacity ratings on different B and C racking beams they found that they were replacing damaged beams caused by overloading. Faced with escalating costs of beam replacement they quickly realized they had a potential safety disaster on their hands as well should they not replace the beams and continue the practice of overloading. It became apparent that not knowing what weight was being placed on what beam presented their company with a host of costs both soft and hard.

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Weighing on the Go:

The company realized that they had to do something to get a handle on overloading and tried several methods including labeling loads weighed by a floor scale. While the idea seemed to deal with the ability to gain certainty on knowing the weight of the load before being placed on a beam it failed to keep up with productivity. Almost always operating at full capacity they simply could not maintain their current productivity cycles and weigh each product on a floor scale. It created time, traffic and dangerous delays that forced the floor scale to be abandoned. Luckily a major material handling supplier in western Canada who handled the account nationally recommended the SkidWeighon-board scale as a viable solution. The concept was simple enough for both management and operators to get behind. Each lift truck in operation has aSkidWeigh ED2-SM installed and put into operation. The simplicity is the key to sustainability as there are no buttons to push and the system does not impede production at all. The operators just continue to perform their duties despite the busy workload. The weight of the product lifted is displayed within seconds on the indicator.

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Improving Safety and Production Efficiency:

Once the decision was made to go ahead a simple installation process of 2 hours by their material handling dealer technician was all that was required to put the unit into operation. Training was next to nothing as there are no buttons to push and no interruptions to the operation. Operators could clearly see and understand within seconds what the product weighed that they were lifting. Not only did it prevent overloading of beams but also allowed management to better layout product on different racking structures based on weight and flow. With certainty about weight and safety now built right into productivity they made an easy decision to out fit their entire fleet. Not only did they eliminate racking damage but they eliminated a potentially catastrophic situation should a racking structure collapses due to extreme weight.
A small price to pay for safety.

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