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Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Mills

Pulp and paper is defined as the the process of converting fibrous raw materials into pulp and then pulp into finished paper or cardboard consumer products. The industry is under constant pressure to reach the highest standards of green based based production while remaining competitive in a global economy that is growing.
Case Study #1: Writing the ‘PAPER’ on Safety and Productivity

Freight and LTL

The freight transport industry is an extremely competitive sector of the global economy. Whether it is ground, ship, air or intermodal transport specific, businesses that are successful in this industry must be able to maximize load density and freight recovery 'leakage' in order to develop competitive edge strategies.
CASE STUDY 1: Driving Integrated Efficiency
CASE STUDY 2: Check-Weighing on the Go

General Manufacturing

Manufacturing throughout the world remains the lifeblood for the modern economy. As this industry expands with more global competitiveness the requirement for cost control, asset maximization, and safe working conditions have become realities that all management teams must account for.
CASE STUDY 1: SkidWeigh Helps Avoid Racking Overloading
CASE STUDY 2: Defender IM3 Rolls Out Safety at Steel Coating Plant

Automotive Manufacturing

Primarily supplying the deliverables of OEM automobile manufacturers as well as after market parts supply, tertiary automotive parts manufacturing is a driving force in the North American economy. Extremely competitive, with particular attention to cost control this industry thrives in growth economies and is constantly seeking engineering talent to stay current. Heavily reliant on unskilled labour safe and cost effective lift truck management is extremely important.
CASE STUDY 1: Fleet Connectivity
CASE STUDY 2: Vehicle Optimization
CASE STUDY 3: SkidFleet Brings SkidWeigh and Defender Together

Warehousing and 3PL

Managing the flow of materials to the point of consumption is a highly specialized industry in today's modern market. Key areas such as material handling, inventory, packaging, transportation and warehousing all bring unique challenges to the companies that serve this sector and require innovative tools to reduce and reclaim costs pertaining to efficiency.
CASE STUDY 1: Efficiency and Compliancy


The modern recycling industry enjoys the growth that comes with the expansion of the global economy while trying to achieve a balance of social, economic, and environmental factors. The shift from dispersion and the privatization of the industry in general mean that competitiveness through efficiencies have become real strategies to be deployed.
CASE STUDY 1: Turning Scrap into Profit
CASE STUDY 2: Eliminating the Floor Scale Increases the R.O.I.

Building Supplies

Controlling costs in commercial building supply retail and lumber and ensuring the safest environment for employees is a challenge for this industry. Increased trade and global economic conditions necessitate that material handling fleets operate in the safest conditions with cost optimization at the forefront.
CASE STUDY 1: Building upon Safety
CASE STUDY 2: Big Gains in Lumber Distribution

Iron and Steel Production

The steel industry is the driving force for modern infrastructure. Demands from emerging markets have seen the steel industry not only become global in production but fierce competition. Efficiency, safety and optimization are what drives productivity.

Electrical Utility

Public or private the ability to serve all sectors of society basic broadband products and services is a 24/7 endeavour. Shareholders demand best in class efficiency along side current trend technology to provide various deliverables. People are always front and centre in utility companies and therefore safety is entrenched in culture.
CASE STUDY 1: Power Smart with the SkidWeigh ED2-AT

Department of Defence

The Department of Defence (DOD) is an executive branch department of the federal government of the United States charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government concerned directly with national security and the United States Armed Forces. The Department is the largest employer in the world, and demands the highest standards of it supply partners.
CASE STUDY 1: Lift Truck on-board Freight Weight Verification


Providing both residential and commercial businesses with landscape products these businesses are generally seasonal operations in core product. In most cases garden centres and nurseries require sizeable land to cultivate, display and sell both live and supportive goods. Core strategies include time effectiveness and operational efficiency to drive profits in smaller business cycles.
CASE STUDY 1: SkidWeigh ED2-Elite Helps a Garden Center Grow


The petroleum industry is comprised of upstream, midstream and downstream operations that include exploration and extraction, refining and transporting, chemical reliant, to marketing of products. There are literally thousands of splinter operations that comprise this vast industry as the progress of modern society is dependant.
CASE STUDY 1: Improving Asset Utilization and Operational Efficiency


The Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing crops, raising animals, harvesting timber, and harvesting fish and other animals on a farm, ranch, or from their natural habitats. Feeding the planet is big business that relies on efficient industrialization to meet profit and quota objectives.
CASE STUDY 1: Improving Efficiency on the Farm


Modern economies rely on environmentally responsible mining for materials that can not be manufactured or grown through agricultural processes, making it a a corner stone of progress. Like any industry modernization though productivity, efficiency and safety are strategic objectives.
CASE STUDY 1 : A Simple Solution for a Complex Industry


Waste Management is the process of dealing with the waste of humans and organisms. Primarily concerned with the minimization, handling, processing and storage, transport and final storage of such product. These companies face a multitude of societal, political and environmental factors that require these businesses to embrace technology to deal with an increasing and growing flow.
Case Study #1: SkidWeigh ED2 Stands Up Against the Toughest Environments