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IC Trucks Load Capacity Monitor Weight Scale

IC Trucks Load Capacity Monitor Weight Scale

Application for all kinds of IC material handling vehicles regardless of the vehicle make, model, lift capacity or operating voltage.

Note: The overload audio / visual alert shown in kg or pounds will be activated when overloaded forks are lifted just above the ground. System calibration is done by lifting known load just above the ground.

• Digital indicator, large six digit LED display, low temperature version
• Strobe light, ultra bright red indicator and audio alert for vehicle overload is included
• Two pushbuttons automatic calibration for load weight function calibration
• Optional two independent weighing channels
• Compact size
• Hydraulic pressure transducer
• Relay for external optional overload alert warning, dry contacts SPDT
• Operating voltage from 12 to 55 VDC
• Load weighing accuracy from 0.5% to 1.0 % of maximum vehicle lift capacity



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