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IM2 Options & Applications

Defender IM2 Impact Monitor: Instant Accountability

• Installs in approximately 1.5 hours
• Does not de-rate or require an OEM modified capacity plate
• Does not require maintenance and is easy to self-program and adapt
• ‘High and Low’ Impact system is an intuitive approach to operator safety
• Guaranteed not to interrupt productivity of the operation
• Real Time Information, Operator ID, Time and Force of Impact (when it happens)
• System does not require monthly fees
• Built specifically for Lift Trucks
• IVDT manufactures to an IP65 rating suitable for the toughest environments
• Modular design engineering means more options and customization
• 2 Year Warranty
• Rugged, Reliable, Accurate

Features Specifications Options Media
Compact 4” x 2” x 3.5” Digital Indicator
Easy to Read LCD Display
Real Time Clock
IP65 Harsh Environment Protective Enclosure
High and Low Impact Display
Operator ID Programming
‘Black Box’ Operating Concept, Automatic Tamper Proof Data Storage
Impact Range .5 to 16 G's
Safety and Utilization Data Available
Audible Alarm Available
Self Programmable
Universal Power Supply from 12 to 60 VDC
Proprietary and Modular Software for Easy Application Customization
2 Year Warranty
Digital Indicator
HousingABS NEMA Type 4X, size 120 x 80 x 55 mm
Real Time ClockWith battery backup
Microprocessor16 bit
Flash Memory64M
10 Bit Analog Channels2
Digital Inputs2
Display LCD display 2 x 16 characters, super twist, high contrast with LED backlight
LCD Display Size68 x 27 x 11 mm
LCD optimum viewing angle+/- 30 degree from operator’s line of sight
Operating Voltage12 to 60 V DC
Current Consumption<65 mA
System Set Up Password protection
Communication InterfaceBluetooth V2.01
Communication InterfaceUSB V2.0 compliant
RF module, long distance900 MHz
Alphanumeric keypad16 keys membrane keypad
KeypadWith functions overlay
InputsFour analog inputs
LanguageEnglish and French
ConnectorLiquid tight straight thru fitting for electrical cable
Operating Temperature With Standard LCD Display-20°C to + 50°C
Operating Temperature With Extended Temp. LCD-20°C to + 70°C (* special order)
Storage Temperature-40°C to + 80°C
Output RelayContact rating 1A, SPDT
Internal Buzzer60 dB at 30 cm distance
OS Safety Check Provides record of a Pre-Shift Operator Safety Check
UT Utilization The system will monitor and record vehicle productivity and runtime
IM2Standard impact monitoring system with tamper proof data storage and USB retrieval
IM2-OSStandard impact monitoring system with operator pre-shift safety check
IM2-UTStandard impact monitoring system with utilization factor data recording
IM2-OS-UTStandard impact monitoring system with both operator pre-shift safety check and utilization recording