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IVDT Management Reporting

For most businesses the technology or hardware is only the first step in a process of continuous improvement. The second step and more important is the ability to collect data from that technology and open up a window into the operation, that otherwise is difficult to see through. Data collected accurately, and timely and available when required provides businesses with the ability to analyze and adopt operating efficiency. Productivity, safety and accountability can be enhanced from the ability to make decisions on factual event recording, which is why IVDT provides both automatic send and sort reports as well as a web based dashboard.

Instant insight into fleet performance
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Telemetrics Applications Media
Load Weight
Weight Lifted
Parts Count
Tare Weigh Separate
Accumulated Total
Overload Notification
D.I.M. Factor
Pallet Length
Pallet Width
Pallet Height
Various Pallet Size
Impact Detection
Application Specific Low Impact Setting
Application Specific High Impact Setting
Utilization (Downtime Recovery)
Application Productivity Impediments
Operator Acknowledgement Factors
Engine Idling
Non Usage vs. Usage Ratio
Waybill Number
Commodity Identification
Barcode Acknowledgement
Vehicle Unit Number
Operator I.D.
Safety Operator Pre-Shift Safety Check
Freight IndustryFreight Recovery(Load Weight, Dimensioning, Identification)
ManufacturingProductivity & Safety(Load Weight, Impact Detection, Utilization, Identification)
Recycling IndustryMaterial Measurement(Load Weight, Identification)
Food ProcessingProductivity & Safety(Load Weight, Impact Detection, Operator Pre-Shift Safety Check)