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Case Studies - Department Of Defence

Case Study #1:
Lift Truck On-board Freight Weight Verification

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Valued Partner:

IVDT has been providing customized solutions for companies looking for specific on-board applications for decades. In fact when customers are learning about our products we are more intent on learning about the processes, objectives and working environment for which it is intended. One such customer is the U.S. military that was looking to deploy a simple, reliable and extremely durable on-board lift truck scale. With numerous operations and equipment spanning the globe the objective is to be able to acknowledge cargo weight accurately during transition including operations for which only temporary setup is required.

Military Standard:

With a very specific mandate the product must be simple in that there is virtually no training for the lift truck operator and accurate enough so that amalgamated load calculations are within logistical tolerance. The system needs to be reliable in that once installed and calibrated it is ready to work without the need to seek support or extend an unnecessary communication line. Furthermore the accepted lift truck scale must be manufactured to military standard capable of operating in extreme temperatures with no interruption.
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Lift –N-Weigh

Lift Truck Check Weighing System

During discussions it was determined that the best product would be the SkidWeigh ED2-Elite and SkidWeigh ED2-SM system built with select military grade components. The system was well received based on the ‘lift and weigh’ operational benefit. The advantage of the SkidWeigh system was that did not require pre-determined lift heights or proximity sensors to provide a load weight readout like some other systems on the market, operators simply perform duty and get accurate weight readout in seconds utilizing a large LED digital display. This along with the fact that the system could be used on any forklift regardless of make, model, operating voltage and lifting capacity allowed for complete standardization across the fleet.

Simple Installation & Two Buttons Automatic Calibration

The SkidWeigh ED2-Elites’ compact design and custom manufactured hydraulic pressure transducer made for an easy integration into the fleet. The system installs in approximately 2 hours increasing its remote functionality and once calibrated stays within specification unless forks or attachments are changed. The fully automatic calibration process, with just two buttons can be performed by anyone in less than 2 minutes. This last system functionality was load tested over time to ensure reliability criteria were met.

With the incorporation of military grade components the system was ready to be deployed in severe weather applications including seasonal storms, temperature variations and freezing conditions. The best in class tolerance ensures that wherever the scale is needed it will perform to specification reliably and uninterrupted. Another feature that impressed decision makers was the overload warning built into the SkidWeigh ED2-Elite. Some operations are remote and time sensitive therefore the ability to avert any overloading accident increases not just operator safety but overall site effectiveness. With an audio/visual overload notification built in the SkidWeigh ED2-Elite was the perfect compliment for this important partner.

Optional mobile Bluetooth printer is available with ED2-Elite series.
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