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Case Studies - Food & Beverage

Case Study #1:
Loading Dock Productivity

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Weighing Incoming Bulk Goods

The Kellogs Company is USA based manufactures and distributes its products in over 180 countries worldwide. Producing some of the worlds most well know brands is a huge endeavor and relies on a number of key processes. A company that prides itself as an industry leader is quick to adopt practical and efficient process safeguards to enable it to focus on core objectives. Going back over 10 years ago it was determined that the weight of incoming bulk food product material was unknown.

This presented a problem 2 ways for the company. The first is without accurate understanding of how much the bulk product weights it makes it difficult and unsafe to store on B and C pallet racking. Furthermore, unclear was that the pallet trucks were even rated to carry the product from the receiving dock to the storage area. The second is the production quota that the Lancaster, PA plant was scored to produce did not allow for additional steps such as floor scale weighing. That’s when they decided to look outside for solutions to safe proof their operation.

SkidWeigh ED2-EP Electric Pallet Truck Scale

Thankfully the answer was easy, simple and practical. Working with a local lift truck dealer they tried a SkidWeigh ED2-EP designed specifically for electric pallet trucks. The results were quickly realized. Right at the point of receiving the product when the electric pallet truck lifts the bulk goods the SkidWeigh ED2-EP registered a weight for the operator to understand. From there it’s easy to make a decision as to where best to store the product. In fact, knowing the weight of various incoming products allowed them to reorganize their storage area in a safer and more efficient layout.

They quickly introduced theSkidWeigh ED2-EP on the other 10 pallet trucks in the storage department and 11 years later are still going strong.
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Easy All Around

The servicing dealer easily installed the SkidWeigh ED2-EP within 2 hours. The calibration process was even easier as the system utilizes preparatory software having two buttonsfully automatic calibration process. So easy was calibrating the system that anyone could do it. The operators were quick to favor the SkidWeigh ED2-EP because it required no buttons or alternate processes to get the weight read out. It was business as usual except with the SkidWeigh ED2-EP on board the weight read out is right there in seconds, +/- 1% of capacity.
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