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Managing Lift Truck Impact in Real Time

The simplest most productive lift truck impact monitoring for the material handling industry

Defender IM Series Lift Truck Safety and Impact Management Systems

Creating safe and cost responsible work environments Defender onboard vehicle management systems will help drive accountability and productivity to your lift truck fleet. Modular in design, allows you to select only options that benefits your business today and add when needed for tomorrow.

Defender Vehicle Management

More than just Impacts

A Different Approach to Impact Management

Impacts are a common occurrence in most material handling applications. When they are not managed, they can adversely affect both safety and operating costs as a result of downtime and damage. Vehicle impact systems have been on the market for several years with limited success. The reason that most systems fail is that focusing entirely on impacts alone does not solve core problems.

Why Do Traditional Systems Fail?

  1. Lift Truck is Shut Down after impact which creates gap in productivity and a safety liability.
  2. Systems are too Difficult to properly adjust, and the sensitivity does not reflect the application.
  3. Too much Time is required by managers and supervisors to restart the system and manage disruptions.
  4. Operators are not involved in the process which affects acceptance and accountability.

Defender vehicle management systems provide more than just impact recognition. They introduce tools to promote accountability, safety awareness and productivity. Beginning with empowering the operator Defender and SkidWeigh Plus systems will allow you to manage and control the following:

Property Damage

  • Material Handling Equipment Damage
  • Pallet Racking Damage
  • Product Damage
  • Docks and Door Damage
  • Infrastructure Damage

Health and Safety

  • Ensure Compliance with OSHA
  • Keep Record of Performed Pre-Shift Safety Checks
  • E-Mail and Webpage Notification and Reporting*

Operator Behavior

  • Ensures Individual Accountability with Asset Assignment
  • Creates Best Practice Safety Culture
  • Provides Operators Tools to Avoid Investigative Situations

Operational Productivity

  • Reduce Equipment Downtime
  • Utilization and Productivity Tools Available*
  • Ability to Remain Connected to Fleet Through E-Mail and Webpage*
*Available on the SkidWeigh ED4-IM and Defender IM3 (Requires Base Station Communication Hub)

Defender Vehicle Management

For Fleets of 1 to 100 Plus

Data Communication Platforms and a Multitude of Options

When looking to secure your fleet with safety and productivity event notifications the ability to access data is key to a successful and continuous implementation. The Defender IM series offers 2 data communication platforms that fit fleets of all sizes and accessibility. The IM2 series is designed for smaller fleets of lift trucks that are easier to access on a regular basis making USB data extraction practical and affordable. The IM3 series provides the same safety and productivity suite of options with the ability to not only download the data via USB but to receive data in real time to a LAN webpage and or email notification. The ability to receive data as it happens to a PDA device means that you can stay connected to your fleet wherever you are and create data specific reports as needed on the website. This is perfect for larger multi-shift operations where approaching individual lift trucks would be to time consuming.

Defender IM2

  • Keypad or RFID Access Control
  • OSHA/MOL Pre-Shift Safety Check
  • Low & High Impact Notification
    • Sonic Safety Strobe
  • Vehicle Number Identification
  • (Option) SkidWeigh ED Weighing Suite**
  • Data Reporting
    • USB Extraction
    • Formatted Reports

Health and Safety

  • Keypad or RFID Access Control
    • OSHA/MOL Pre-Shift Safety Check
  • Low & High Impact Notification
    • Sonic Safety Strobe
  • Vehicle Number Identification
  • (Option) SkidWeigh ED Weighing Suite**
  • Data Reporting
    • USB Extraction
    • Formatted Reports
    • LAN Webpage
    • FTP Archive
    • SMTP Email Relay Notification
**SkidWeigh ED Weighing Suite ED3-IM2/ED4-IM3
If your business and or fleet grow over time the IM2 can be upgraded to the IM3 simply and cost effectively.

Only the Safety and Productivity Options That You Need

Only IVDT’s patented modular design allows you to take advantage and pay for only those functions that will benefit your business and budget.

Keypad or RFID Access Control

Control who is allowed to use the equipment by way of standard 3-digit keypad access control or RFID card or fob reader. Simple to program and ensures that every vehicle asset has an authorized and identifiable operator during operation.

OSHA/MOL Pre-Shift Safety Check

Pre-shift safety checks are not only mandatory before commissioning a lift truck into operation but also a great way to determine current status of equipment. Whether it’s daily, continental or rolling eight the Defender IM series provides a programmable safety check, which times the operator start to finish.

Low & High Impact Notification

The Defender IM series doesn’t seek to entrap operators when external forces mount. The system first provides on-board notification to the operator when a potentially unsafe force occurs. After that the system records and notifies using the patented sonic safety strobe and or email alerts.

Vehicle Identification Number

When an event occurs not only is it important to know who was on the truck but also what truck is involved. With the ability to program vehicle numbers the data provides the complete story.

SkidWeigh ED Weighing Suite

Only IVDT offers a vehicle management system that combines the safety functions of the Defender IM series and integrates them into the ED4 weighing suite, which offers the following benefits. Lift-N-Weigh 3 second weight read out, Accumulative Totaling, Tare / Net Weight, Parts Count, and Waybill Load Weight Identification.

Data On Demand

Data Simplicity is Built into Both the Defender IM2 and the IM3

The Defender series provides a number of data options for both small and large fleets. The IM2, security monitoring design, provides a downloadable USB data extraction with formatted reports. The IM3 provides the same with the ability to connect to your network and provide a LAN webpage, FTP data archival, and SMTP email relay notification in real time.
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IM2 with USB Data Extraction

From the moment you turn on the vehicle and enter an authorized access control code or RFID card the Defender IM2 is recording usage event data. Along with a ‘Real Time’ clock all usage events are date stamped and chronologically logged in the IM2’s SDRAM built in hard drive. Whenever information is needed all that is required is to access the Admin Menu via a password insert a USB flash drive and follow the download instructions. Within seconds a date encoded file is on the USB with all event notification present in an .xls format. Insert into any computer terminal and you can access and manipulate the data to focus on what’s important at the time. Store in a file folder and the date encoded file provides complete history on and up to that date. With an SDRAM hard drive capable of approximately 2 years of circle write space the Defender IM2 is perfect for smaller fleets.

IM3 with the Base Station Communication Hub

For larger fleets with more shift demand accessing data requires a more practical approach. The Defender IM3 along with the Base Station Communication Hub allows you to retrieve your data in ‘Real Time’ when you want on your network supported computer terminal. Using 900 mhz technology the onboard IM3 units are in constant communication with the Base Station Communication Hub repeatedly sending and acknowledging all data vehicle data. The Base Station’s primary function is twofold, the first it serves as the systems information center archiving all the data mentioned above. The secondary and most dynamic function is that it is a dedicated data server that connects to your network through an I.P. address and the setup of an SMTP mail server. The system acts independent and does not rely on or compromise host network utility space, does not utilize cloud based external platforms and does not rely on wi-fi and the security c omp r omi s e t h a t i s o f t e n associated with. Simply assigning a DHCP or static IP and the setup of a Relay mail server will get you connected to your fleet in seconds. Once connected you can access your fleet in ‘Real Time’ through a password protected LAN webpage where you can sort and arrange all event data specific to your query. Once you have created the report required you can download and archive. Critical response data that is vital to your productivity and the safety of your business can be sent automatically to your email and subsequently your cell phone or PDA device.
  • Not Cloud or Cellular Based (No Monthly Fees)
  • Does not rely on Wi-Fi (No Security Compromise)
  • Connects in seconds to any network (Similar to a Digital Copier)
  • Provides LAN webpage portal
  • Email notification on critical events
  • FTP archive backup

Simplicity is the Key to Continuity

Whether you are implementing a vehicle management system of 1 vehicle or 100 the key to the long-term success of this project relies on the design and the intuitiveness of the system and its ability to integrate alongside your business. Systems fail when the solution becomes complex or cumbersome and creates more work for management and stake holders rather than solve what it was assigned to do. IVDT designs all systems for real world operations through years of practical experience based on Simplicity of Installation, Calibration, and Operation.
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Simplicity in Installation

The installation process for the IM2 and IM3 is both straightforward and extremely easy for dealers working with the system. Engineering and design have consolidated all component-based functions in 1 protected enclosure instead of the additional 2 or 3 components that other manufacturers provide because they externally purchase the components rather than manufacturing. The result is that the wire connections required of the installing dealer are limited, in some case as few as 2. This saves time and money on the install. Backed up by the best on-line and live support 12-hour help line we are always there to keep the project going.

Simplicity of Calibration

Once installed the Defender IM series is ready to be turned over to management or the team responsible for driving results with the system. If the setup of the system is difficult or tedious and or ongoing input competes for time with other responsibilities, then the long-term success of the system may be in doubt. The Defender IM series is deigned to be intuitive and easy for the management team that is working with it. All administrate functions are accessed on one password protected menu that takes you step by step through set up. Once you have completed one unit you can upload to the remaining fleet in minutes.
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Simplicity of Operation

Operators are important and key members of any material handling team. The Defender IM series is designed to provide the least interruption to the working environment and also provide helpful notification tools to the operators. Keypad and RFID card access control along with pre-shift safety checks and low impact notification help provide a safer working environment for those operators. All functions are automatically prompted and do not impede the working environment.

SkidWeigh Plus Classic

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