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People not JUST Products

​We are very fortunate to work with thousands of dealers throughout North America on any number of exciting projects. Those projects can range from standard applications of our product line to customized process software that simplify or improve their business. Ultimately we are partnering with the dealer to serve the end user and provide value. At a recent meeting with a dealer representative and an operations team put together to assess the solutions proposed, both the dealer and I were asked a very direct question. What makes your product better than your competition? The question was product-centric and the dealer rep looked to me the product expert to reply… I replied… people!
In an age where the Internet is the main resource with easy access to websites, blogs, reviews, and of course you tube, it would appear that all that is required to understand the product is there for the taking. Most material handling suppliers see modern online media as way to efficiently ‘cost effectively’ streamline B2B sales processes though on-line catalogues and e-commerce web ordering. While we utilize each and all of those tools, IVDT asserts that our people still make the biggest impact in our product offering for the following reasons.
Information Is Not Knowledge: There is a ton of information online, but how do you know that the stated feature will be a benefit? How do you know if the model represented in the catalogue or online will integrate properly? Where’s the guarantee? As a dealer representative you are an expert on machines, service and reducing material handling cost. As an end user you are an expert in the production and movement of your product. Missing from the Internet is the conduit that can link the intricacies of a product to an application and with 100% certainty recommend its success. That is what our people do.
Road Blocks: Easy to Google products difficult to Google solutions. People provide a road map for integration success that representatives and end buyers benefit from. Without an expert you are assuming all responsibility for ensuring that the product not only works as it should, and that all costs incurred are understood up front. From start to finish we deliver a guaranteed R.O.I. because we have been there before.
Experience: This is what we do and we have been doing it a long time. For over 30 years with a combined material handling industry experience resume that spans 80, we not only know our business but likely yours too. We always approach every new opportunity with the mindset to learn but that experience provides a higher level discussion that goes beyond spec sheets and involves all out capability. 20% of our business is customized to an end users specific process – because we can.

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