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Case Studies - Iron & Steel Production

Case Study #1:
Reducing Lift Truck Damage and Maintenance

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Valued Partner:

A large global manufacturer of steel pipes and related services, this European headquartered steel company produces in Vera Cruz Mexico to serve export markets. This large expansive steel mill covering 22 acres utilizes production, distribution, and stores facilities to meet the demand of emerging markets and deliver product. With a fleet of over 75 lift trucks from capacity ranges of 4000lbs to 110,000lbs, maintenance and productivity go hand in hand in all operations.

Customers Goals:

With global demand for product on the rise and an expansive operation over many sections this steel producer was looking for a way to control and impact the following operational hazards. In the tubular steel yards large capacity vehicles were consistently overloading finished goods pipe and damaging masts. In many cases trucks were tipping forward creating critically unsafe situations for both drivers and close by pedestrians. With the amount of yard space being vast involvement in these situations increased the urgency for change. Also of importance was the distribution services overloading outgoing flatbeds and incurring unsafe tractor-trailer driving conditions as well as the potential for overloading B and C racking bays in the stores department.
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Integrated Solutions:

Working with the operations committee over a period of one year The SkidWeigh ED5 lift truck scale was configured specific for their operation. Installing the systems on the larger capacity lift trucks would provide safeguard two fold. The first and most important is that it would notify the operator when attempting to lift a load surpassing vehicle capacity. This not only averted the danger of the lift truck tipping but also prevented damage from occurring over time in relation to mast breakdown. In addition, the system records all information with vehicle ID and offers operational management the ability to view usage reports that detail isolated events such as overloading. In addition, the introduction of the SkidWeigh ED5 lift truck scale gave operators the ability to precisely manage the weight capacities of the flatbed trucks and the racking storage. Understanding how much weight in relation to capacity ratings reduced infrastructure damage, and incurred freight charges from carrier fines.

Integrated Benefits:

  • Ease of Use: The system is designed not to impede operation. IVDT’s ability to design software specific to application processes creates better operator acceptance.
  • Enhanced Information: Root cause understanding of critical events impacting operation along with real time date stamping of the occurrence provides management tools to effect change.
  • Safety:Overload monitoring and load weight knowledge provide firm understanding for all stakeholders involved in the process.
  • R.O.I:Reducing costly damage to vehicles and improving uptime allows for quick system payback and continued cost control.
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