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Case Studies - Waste Management

Case Study #1:
SkidWeigh ED2 Stands Up Against the Toughest Environments

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Reliability When it Counts

The waste management business is always growing, as populations grow in both rural areas and cities alike. The one thing that all waste management companies can accurately predict is that the organic refuse quantity will steadily increase over time and that it will always be considered one of the toughest material handling applications. The need to move, sort and weigh organic product in a time efficient and productive manner is pressing as most companies look to maximize return on equipment investments. A Canadian leader in the waste management business with multiple facilities coast to coast requires dependable and accurate weighing systems to help move organic waste quickly and offload to destination composite. With steady sources always coming in 7 days a week the need to capture weight and move the refuse out of the transfer station is critical.

Not All Lift Truck Scales are the Same!

No room or time for floor scales as the layout of the transfer station is always changing based on the quantity of bins incoming and being sorted, the only viable option determined back in 2004 was the use of on-board lift truck scales. On-board systems allow for bins to be moved and weighed at the same time, which maximizes productivity of the organic waste flow. Once the solution was implemented, changes in management, strategy and cost cutting initiatives saw that a number of different systems were deployed at this waste management company. However, only one system remains in full use 14 years later.
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SkidWeigh Stands Up to the Harshest Environment

Over the years competitive weigh scales simply could not handle longevity in this organic waste application. The main problem was that the wet and acidic environment would expose the vulnerability of the competitive technologies. With several systems utilizing generic indicators designed more for stationary weighing platforms the systems would barely last a year. In addition, many of the companies that manufactured the lift truck scales no longer were supplying the product and or were no longer in business making parts replacement and support next to impossible causing system abandonment. Only the SkidWeigh ED series lift truck has been able to stand the test of time, 14 years in a corrosive year round environment with minimal support. Only IVDT manufactures all components specifically for material handling and construction environments with several applications and installations still in use after 20 years. Moreover, IVDT utilizes patented software to deliver best in class accuracy time and time again with no on-going calibration required. Easily installed on any make or model of lift truck in about 2 hours only SkidWeigh lift truck scales can take on the harshest environments.
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