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SkidWeigh is the Industry Standard for Lift Trucks On-board Check Weighing

SkidWeigh is the Industry Standard for Lift Trucks On-board Check Weighing

Like so many products with competitive offerings understanding which one is best is a difficult task. Ask the sales representative and of course they will tell you theirs is…and certainly will have brochures and literature to support that claim. The difficulty in determining best option lies in the fact that all products are built on a model comprised of cost and expertise of the solution they are manufactured for. Lift Truck Scales are no different and the material handling environments that they work in provide a unique set of challenges that ultimately determine what works and what doesn’t.
IVDT has been manufacturing SkidWeigh lift truck scales for over 30 years and has become the industry favourite for the following 3 reasons, expertise, simplicity, and support.

SkidWeigh ED series lift truck scales are engineered exclusively for material handling equipment and have several application specific options that generic scale companies simply do not. That means that when the dealer sales rep is working with their customer they don’t just sell a scale they sell a solution they can’t get anywhere else.

Over the years IVDT has had the privilege to work with thousands of dealers and end users and come to understand the importance of designing the product with simplicity at the forefront. All SkidWeigh systems are designed to be installed in approximately 2 hours, making it both practical from a cost and productivity standpoint.

Dealer technicians don’t get lost in labor hours and end users don’t need to pay a fortune to get it installed.
More importantly all SkidWeigh systems are designed with the operator in mind utilizing a ‘lift-N-weigh’ strategy. Less requirement of the operator means less interruption to the business and ultimately more usage success for the company.

Support is key to any businesses’ long term success and IVDT holds this in high regard.

SkidWeigh’s lifespan of 14 plus years quite often outlast the vehicles, the operators, the sales reps and the managers from which it was first introduced.

Therefore, new sales sales reps, technicians as well as operators and stakeholders require assistance. IVDT’s is second to none at response and resolution and one of the main reasons we are a go to vendor for hundreds of dealers.

Beyond the brochure IVDT’s SkidWeigh ED series lift truck scales are reliable for the people who sell them. Accurate and rugged for the people who depend on them for an R.O.I.. Super simple for the operators who use them. With single user fleets of more than 950 units in operation, OEM dealer price page acceptance and longstanding repeat dealer sales from every lift truck manufacturer, SkidWeigh is the industry standard.
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