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SkidWeigh Technology

Engineered for Material Handling Vehicles Applications

SkidWeigh Technology Defines Focus, Commitment and Expertise

For over 30 years Integrated Visual Data Technology has served material handling dealers and end users world wide providing solutions that increase productivity and enhance safety. Behind every solution is a detailed technology application that will not compromise cost or quality in order to provide the absolute best result. IVDTs long term industry leading success lies in the ability to proprietarily engineer the technology from the ground up. The ability to develop patented technologies that stand apart from or are free from competition lead to best in class product manufacturing. Our focus is material handling and developing solutions that better results. Our commitment is creating the highest quality most innovative technologies to sustainably drive those results, un compromised. Complete managing the design and manufacturing process also allows for second to none lead times and product support. Our expertise is the culmination of years of in the field design knowledge. We don't work in our factory, plant and distribution centre, we work in yours!

Unparalleled Quality And Accuracy

IVDT's Swiss partnerships provide advanced technology when manufacturing hydraulic pressure transducers that not only stand up to material handling applications but are custom designed for them.

Best in class hydraulic measurement.

Precision Electronics

The highest level of electronic engineering expertise is demonstrated by our ability to produce the most powerful yet compact on-board designs. Proprietary design builds maximize circuitry and software efficiency.

Small is Powerful

Lift Accurate Technology

We look at every application as different and unique. Lift Accurate Technology represents just one of the ways that our detailed knowledge of both industry and equipment drive system specific 2 way software programming.

Check Weighing Programming Intuitive to Electric Pallet Trucks

A Solution For Every Application

With over 30 years of in field expertise we have design built comprehensive customized solutions that now comprise over 200 in stock software packages.

Customization is What we Do

World Wide Patented Technology

Integrated Visual Data Technology is an innovator in engineering and development of load handling vehicle monitoring system for the material handling industry with implementations in virtually all corners of the world.


* Load Handling Vehicle Monitoring System, Patented Technology, Zeljko Ted Jurca
USA 4,757,712; 4,949,263; 5,285,020; Canada 1302566; 1304479; Australia 598,376; 605,647; Germany 38811280.0; 3887754.6; EU Countries 0293697; 035145

Simplicity Built In

A big part of designing technology is understanding the end user. Every IVDT product is engineered so that it is easy to calibrate and easy to use. Our long term success comes from making it simple.

Ready to Work in Minutes

Easy For Dealers And Their Customers

Our distribution channel is the partnerships we have with material handling dealers the world over that represent our products. The reason for our long standing relationships are the products install easy and exceed expectation.

Easy to Install, Easier to Use

Technology That Protects

Self programming and reliable, IVDT's security access technology keeps vehicles, infrastructure and people safe from potential misuse. All processes begin with a certified accountable operator.

Access and Security​

Interface Technology

At the core of all that IVDT manufactures is the end users desire to obtain the data output in a way that is both versatile and accessible. RF long range low power 900 MHz license free ISM band operation supporting DiGi Mesh technology integration offers us a unique platform that deliver on-board notifications to your network terminal in seconds.

Real Time Data

Touch Screen Technology

Designing technology around the very processes that drive your business are enhance by the implementation of touch screen technology that is intuitive to use stands up in material handling environments.

Visual, Productive and User Friendly​

Technology That Communicates

Real time data on demand relies on a communication platform that delivers reliability, security and is easy to implement. IVDT designs network connection technologies that are plug-n-play with minimal I.T. requirement.

Connect and Stay Connected

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