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The Difference Between Fleet Management and Fleet Utilization

The Difference Between Fleet Management and Fleet Utilization

So, you have figured out how many hours a day your lift trucks are operating.

Your cost per hour maintenance ratio is at an all-time low. The operator training programs have had a significant decrease in avoidable damage. Now what? What about your own business? How well do you understand the things in your own business that you currently cannot measure?
For years’ fleet management and utilization were considered synonymous only because hour meters and maintenance spend was the only data available to end users and lift truck dealers. While those variables are important and greatly impact the relationship between the two stakeholders and do reduce fleet costs, they are but one factor that affects productivity.

Fleet utilization is very different and requires metrics that dive deeper than just hours and dollars spent. It is estimated that in a lift truck operating hour true productive time is 40% or less. Flawed processes, poor staging, uncoordinated logistics and operator accountability are the true variables of managing fleet utilization.
With productive lift truck time measured in minutes not hours imagine the ability to improve and strengthen material handling strategies. Imagine the financial impact of improving product flow. Business logistic managers can’t ignore the importance of unnecessary operational idling and the impact on the bottom line. All production machines must be operating with minimal downtime.

Lift trucks need to keep lifting. Conveyor belts aren’t much good if they don’t convey anything. Cargo planes don’t move much freight if they don’t fly. It all starts with the utilization of your lift truck fleet. Find our what your current utilization operating standard is using the SkidWeigh Return on Investment Calculator.

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