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The Importance of Right Measurement for Evaluating ​Industrial Truck Utilization

The Importance of Right Measurement for Evaluating ​Industrial Truck Utilization

Labor costs represent the largest single variable cost to any material handling fleet.

With rapid development of "fleet management" from OEM's and third parties that provide such systems have all rushed to be able to offer everything from operator checklists, vehicle access control, impact detection, battery management, etc. The fact is that from a lot's of options only few fleet manager need them all.

The industry has learn that approach to "one size fit all" is not working and a trend to apply more focused solutions to the area that provides immediate results.​Not many customers are willing to collect the abundant data to identify opportunities and the majority prefer to have relevant insights delivered to them in real time.

​Proactive Performance Management

Understanding the root causes of performance issues by measurement of the true operational idling times (KPI utilization factor, available automatically from SkidWeigh products) is the most reliable step to becoming a proactive material handling operational organization. The IVDT real time visibility, immediate insight into lift truck operator performance, exception based alerting and reporting brings clarity to your fleet operations so you can proactively manage performance issues.


Maximize Labor Utilization with Automatic Detection of True Operation Idling Times

Lift truck usage has a large behavioural component that made measuring and defining success more difficult with current fleet management systems on the market. The IVDT's KPI utilization factor is based on Patented technology that is using raw operational data collected on SkidWeigh products that will automatically detect true operational idling events in real time.

​Our SkidWeigh products provide all operational data visible to the vehicle operator in real time and we make sure you can visualize it, access it and have the ability to make real time adjustments to increase efficiency and objectively analyze employee performance, identify and eliminate waste.


The Difference Is in the Seconds

With labor cost on the rise, every minute of every hour is getting more important to your bottom line. Our KPI solution enables you to maximize results that will lead to performance gains at the upper end of the potential range, often 20% and more.


Focus Attention On Automatic KPI Reporting

  • Available exclusevely from SkidWeigh products and measurable
  • Highly Impacting, will reduce true vehicle operating idling times
  • Relevant, immediate productivity increases
  • Instant useful, take actions on the basis of the insight you get from KPI
  • Timely, real time visual indication to the operator and operational management

Seamless Data Communication

The BS400 Base Station is an RF communication hub that wirelessly connect your material handling vehicle or fleet equipped with IVDT products with mobile unit capturing vehicle and operator data automatically in real time, store and provide various data output sources specific to the BS400, FTP standard network connection, real time email notification and LAN web page.

No monthly fees!

Real Time Data to Customer Network
RF Communication Hub
Network Connectivity via Ethernet interface (Easy Integration)
FTP Standard Network Connection, IP Address of FTP Server is Required
Automatic Data Archive Through FTP to a Designated File
Email Notification of Any Recorded Events
LAN Web page, Assignment of Designated IP Address on Network

Total Visibility, Analysis & Reporting of Performance

A lot can happen in an hour so why not get instant access to the full picture for your material handling operation.

Optimize operator efficiency by automatic tracking times associated with operational idling times and justified downtime tasks by operator to identify opportunities to improve productivity.

Lift Truck Operator Operational Downtime In Real-Time

Key Performance Indicator - Automatic Operational Idling Detection Within Utilization Factor

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