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The Importance of Right Measurement for Evaluating ​Industrial Truck Utilization


Patented Technology

Load Handling Vehicle Monitoring System USA 4,757,712; 4,949,263; 5,285,020; Canada 1302566; 1304479; Australia 598,376; 605,647; Germany 38811280.0; 3887754.6; EU Countries 0293697; 035145

A New Standard in Telematics

Partnering with the material handling industry, SkidFleet is the most simple, economical and complete telematics system for fleets of any size.Utilizing a communication technology that does not require monthly fees and is not vulnerable to security breaches SkidFleet provides constant communication in real time. On-board units send data events to the Base Station communication hub which then formats, uploads and archives all data events. Acting as a dedicated data server the Base Station also connects to your network and provides a LAN webpage to access data and sends email notification through SMTP relay.

Managing Fleets for Over 30 Years

Integrated Visual Data Technology is the culmination of over 30 years of fleet management product development. Beginning in 1990 the first management information system for use on IBM PC/T, AT, 386 or 100% compatible personal computers running MS-DOS 3.0 or higher was introduced.

Patented throughout many countries the early mobile systems utilized IR infrared wireless communication technology and a designated PC to connect to the vehicles

With advancements in technology Integrated Visual Data Technology provides fleet information systems that are sustainable, wireless and cost effective.

Utilizing 900 MHz license free ISM band RF long range communication platform delivers seamless data without administrative costs, monthly fees or third party licensing.

• FCC Approval MCQ-XBPS3B

• IC Approval 1846A-XBPSB



Operator performance and accountability is enhanced when given the tools to make critical decisions impacting the operation.



Operator performance and accountability are measured in real time for each vehicle. SkidFleet does more than just record events and data, it actively reflects operator usage as it happens and displays notifications to change or improve operator decisions making. Operational efficiency is the culmination of a wide variety of events and circumstances known or unknown.Understanding these events when and how they impacting the operation happen allows for improvement. This provides management and operators with an immediate and complete account of data that allows for utilization efficiency.



Understand the difference between production cycle activities that comprise productive vs. nonproductive operational usage

Manage the most critical events of your lift truck fleet, unidentified operational downtime within utilization factor through real-time visibility

Without cause and effect visibility provided by information transmitted from vehicles it’s impossible to know true operational utilization and productivity levels. Most OEMs measure and present fleet optimization in terms of vehicle run time and maintenance costs which do not expose actual operational downtime causes.

With SkidFleet technology true productivity is measured in how a vehicle is being operated and its impact on utilization. More importantly this rudimentary understanding of operational downtime occurrences provides a more complete understanding of why they happen and the ability to correct and develop benchmark performance.

Measuring What Matters

The majority of material handling operations do not measure operator performance at all, or measure the wrong things, or measure too much that is hard for anyone to quickly determine the true fleet performance status.

The most powerful management tool is to eliminating waste by tracking automatically all operational downtime times.

The industry had learned that approach to ”one size fit all” is not working and a trend to apply more focused solutions to the area that provides immediate results.


Benchmarking,Trending and Ongoing Performance Analysis

With iVisibility system installed on the vehicle once the utilization targets are established, the system monitor performance against the targets and send alerts and notifications to operational management when actual performance is outside the target range.

Managing Lift Truck Impact in Real Time

The simplest most productive lift truck impact monitoring for the material handling industry


A Different Approach to Impact Management

Impacts are a common occurrence in most material handling applications.When they are not managed, they can adversely affect both safety and operating costs as a result of downtime and damage. Vehicle impact systems have been on the market for several years with limited success. The reason that most systems fail is that focusing entirely on impacts alone does not solve core problems.


On-board Weighing Scale with Enhanced Data Options

Lift truck onboard weighing scales are the industry’s most accepted check weighing scale. Improving productivity, efficiency and safety across a wide range of industries the SkidWeigh products are only lift truck scale accepted by multiple large fleets.

Lift Accurate Technology Delivers Accurate Check Weighing for Electric Pallet Trucks

SkidWeigh ED-EP series on-board check weighing scales are designed specifically for Class III material handling vehicles. They are engineered to retrofit to all electric pallet trucks regardless of vehicle make, model or lifting capacity including fork configuration.


True Plug and Play Communication

The Base Station communication hub is designed to provide the most secure format to engage your network with virtually no hands-on work from the end user. Simply relying on either a DHCP or static IP and a SMTP mail server will get you going fast


Time Drives all KPI’s

Time ultimately effects all businesses.Most companies simply do not have a reliable way to develop operating time standards that support efficient production cycles and provide operators with clear understanding of performance.

The SkidFleet system monitors in real time vehicle activities and displays, records and archives operational downtime. The SkidFleet system allows for customizable event fields that depict what is causing downtime and allow for analysis to improve operations.

This allows management to create a realistic and profit enhancing operational benchmark that speaks to the entire workforce.The lasting impact SkidFleet has on fleet productivity is that when benchmark utilization factors are deployed it will continually notify operators in real time where they fall with regards.Moving beyond simply analyzing data by historical data, SkidFleet is continually helping operators maintain benchmark objectives in real time.


Customized Solutions Begin with You

As a manufacturer of proprietary hardware and software IVDT specializes in engineered solutions for the material handling industry. IVDTs partnering approach is the ability to integrate and understand the end users business processes so that they become the solution.

Management Reporting

For most businesses the technology or hardware is only the first step in a process of continuous improvement.

The second step and more important is the ability to collect data from that technology and open up a window into the operation, that otherwise is difficult to see through.

Data collected accurately, and timely and available when required provides businesses with the ability to analyze and adopt operating efficiency.

Productivity, safety and accountability can be enhanced from the ability to make decisions on factual event recording, which is why IVDT provides both automatic send and sort reports as well as a web based reports.


Is SkidFleet the Right Solution?

Compatible with all kinds of material handling vehicles regardless of the vehicle make or model the SkidFleet is ideal suite of analytics management tools to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs and an overall boost to fleet performance.

  • Data from mobile units is downloaded automatically in real-time
  • All you need is a computer.
  • Downloaded data immediately.
  • Downloaded data processing Secure data download from the
  • LAN webpage portal
  • Assignment of designated IP Address on Network
  • Downloaded files are compatible with CSV and Excel formats to allow for data manipulation
  • Email notification of selected events
  • FTP archive
  • Automatic erasure of data upon expiry of the archiving limits
  • Seamless connection to any network Save on administrative costs (No staff are needed, data downloaded )
  • RF long range wireless transmission
  • Operating system (Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7)
  • Internet browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 5.5 and higher)
  • No Cloud or Cellular (No monthly fees) Does not rely on Wi-Wi (No security compromise)

Getting Started

Whether your fleet is 5 trucks to 100 trucks a minimal investment of one of the IVDT on- board* units and a Base Station communication hub / software package can help create a justifiable return on investment for the entire flleet.

Defender Series SkidWeigh Plus iVisibility SkidWeigh Plus UT

Starter Kit

The Starter Kit offers companies an economical introduction to the world of material handling fleet operational management information.

Every Business is Different

When it comes to evaluation of onboard vehicle technology to increase efficiency or improve productivity in material handling flow, in most cases it involves some sort of compromise. IVDT is at the forefront of customized integration of the “Starter Kit” into your material handling fleet.

Working with you and learn about your specific needs we will be able to provide the most economical tailored solution included in your “Starter Kit”.

From the “Starter Kit” you will be able to extract key information from your vehicle, store and analyze data. The “Starter Kit” will provide you the insights and information to identify status of your current operational efficiency and opportunities for improvements within your material handling operation.


SkidWeigh Plus Classic

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