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The SC series

SkidWeigh Classic Series

  • Compact size
  • Fully automatic system calibration
  • Two buttons set up procedure
  • Accumulative load weight
  • Number of load weights taken
  • Visual overload alert
  • Two independent weighing channels
  • Overload visual alert for single weighing channel
  • Overload visual alert for second weighing channel
  • Weighing range to up to 99999 pounds or kilograms
  • Operating voltage from 12 to 55 VDC
  • Use optional voltage convertor (VS160) for 80VDC
  • System applicable for vehicles equipped with hydraulic accumulator(s)
  • Note: SC5 SkidWeigh Classic series applicable for electric pallet trucks

Installation & Operational Manual

Product Brochure

SkidWeigh Plus Classic

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