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Case Studies - Recycling

Case Study #1:
Turning Scrap into Profit

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Valued Partner:

The efficiencies of modern automotive manufacturing not only partner with recycling opportunities but best in class operations bring recycling into their strategic development. This global automotive parts manufacture’s strategic imperatives illustrate clearly its commitment to the environment through better innovative processes. With over 30,000 employees around the world this 8 billion dollar a year company wanted a recycling process that didn’t yet exist.

Customers Goals:

The manufacturer had put a large emphasis on reclaiming as much scrap value as possible in their operation. So much so that the management of SKU identification, bin coordinates, and logistic coordination with admin and outbound carrier pick-ups was becoming time consuming. Instead of adding people and burdening the current lift truck operators with more tasks this manufacturing company was looking for a company to create an onboard recycling expediting system. Essentially capture all the data associated with weighing, identifying, recording, producing reports and notifying admin personnel and coordinate full trailer pickup…automatically.
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Integrated Benefits:

  • Ease of Use: The LCD touch screen allows for intuitive icons for operators to press to initiate specific functions of the process. Replaces, pens, pencils, paper and clip boards which are time consumptive and prone to misplacement.
  • Accuracy: No lost files as the security and integrity of the data are always protected. The accuracy is also empirically accurate and free of human error. +/- 1% of lifting capacity of the vehicle.
  • Safety: Less travel to find available floor scales mean less exposure for operators. Operators are more focused on the task of driving the forklift and managing the load safely rather than the distraction of admin duties.
  • R.O.I: The onboard recycling system reduces the need for additional personnel and streamlines the current process for both the forklift operator and admin staff. Total time for a record to be weighed recorded and dumped into the container is less than 35 seconds.

Integrated Benefits:

  • Customized Solution: Carrier is able check-weigh all loads without loosing time going to a floor scale.
  • Information is collected immediately and with data integrity by elimination human writing errors.
  • USB Data collection back up.
  • Efficiency: Steps are eliminated for the lift truck operator, the need to write down information on a clipboard and the need to take the load on a pallet to a floor scale save time and money. The process of rebilling is significantly shortened by way of automatic data send to accounting and the shortening of time involved to get that information with the elimination of paper collection.
  • Ease of Use: The lift truck operator performs only the normal operations associated with their job description. No system training is required with a 2 step process of ‘Pro-Number’ entry and printing tickets.
  • Safety: Allowing the operator to focus on driving only the productivity route required, no deviations for floor scale. No distraction writing on clipboard with the usage of data entry and print tickets.
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