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Winning the battle against lost productivity

Winning the battle against lost productivity

Productivity can be explained as the ratio of outputs to inputs. In the material handling world maximizing that ratio and handling both variables as efficiently as possible with operators and equipment is the challenge leading to profitability. Lost productivity occurs when that ratio for a number of reasons is not able to produce maximized results.
While engineered standards play a critical role in both production and distribution businesses it is a known fact that the material handling operations in those businesses lack real utilization factors for benchmarking due to the interaction between operator, material flow and equipment. 5 of the top 10 reasons for lost productivity include, production bottlenecks, idle machines due to inadequate product flow, damaged machine or material, extreme maintenance, and transport delay. With this in mind production managers have a lot on their plate when it comes to optimizing the correlation between these variable.

However, the average asset utilization on forklifts operating in those businesses remains at 30 to 50%.
Until now the only way that production managers could approach fleet management was to control the cost of maintenance on the lift truck itself. While this is an important factor in productivity it does little with respect to achieving an optimum utilization factor.

That is why IVDT Solutions produces SkidFleet an all encompassing tool that delivers data not just on the asset itself but also its operational usage in the production cycle as well as the operator in control.
SkidFleet not only provides basic data on run time vs. non run time but also provides businesses the opportunity to determined why the unit is not being utilized against pre-set benchmarks.

Factors such as bottlenecking, inadequate material flow, transport delay as well as others can be reported in real-time and sent wirelessly to managers responsible. In addition, SkidFleet can also provide OSHA safety checklists, operator access control and impact/damage recording that can also be utilized with a forklift scale option for both production enhancement as well as safety overloading.

The key to SkidFleets success is its simplicity in installation and support.
Designed to be a low cost solution, SkidFleet installs on any forklift easily and can begin to impact productivity immediately. No monthly services and maintenance is required and data can be imported by way of USB for specialized convenience or back up. IVDT Solutions manufactures and distributes products not just for the forklifts but for the total optimization of the forklift and the productivity cycle for which it works in. ​
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