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SkidFleet is a simple and cost effective approach to managing the productivity and safety of your lift trucks. Utilizing a number of data options you select the event notifications that will benefit your business.

​No monthly fees and or cloud interfaces mean the data belongs to you.

Connect to Your Lift Truck

SkidFleet on-board vehicle managers are designed to link operation stakeholder to the material handling environment of both the vehicle and operators. The system provides as it occurs notifications on a variety of critical events and thresholds to the operator responsible for the vehicle. The system automatically records all events and or transmits them through RF technology* to the Base Station communication hub.

* DigiMesh RF technology, long range, 900 MHz licence free ISM band, regulatory approvals FCC MCQ-XBPS3B, IC 1846A-XBPS3B


Automatic Communication

When event exceptions are detected by the SkidFleet system it conveniently records the event in the on-board CPU for USB data retrieval. Easy to access and manipulatable reports along with data stamped accuracy provide necessary operational data. Systems utilizing the RF Base Station communication hub have the ability to provide real time notification as it happens to a LAN web page or PDA device such as a cell phone.


Easy Data Access Means Staying Connected

SkidFleet's automatic event notification through USB, e-mail or LAN webpage mean that you can focus your time on diving your business. When an exception occurrence happens that the SkidFleet is monitoring you decide how you want to notified even when you are not present in the operation. Ether by USB or LAN webpage SkidFleet allows you to manage your business from your network.


Manage Your Business In the Moment

Increase operational efficiency with real time automated exception events based notifications and reporting.

Analyzing data after a shift, day, week or month is reactionary and delays the process of continuous improvement.

SkidFleet allows you to manage critical events in performance as they happen when they happen which provides the best opportunity to introduce operational behaviours that are sustainable.


Improve Overall Productivity and Safety

SkidFleet Provides a Window into Your Material Handling Operation with Tools and Monitoring Options

On-board Check Weighing
With the SkidWeigh check weighing option your lift truck now has the capability to weigh and add multiple loads as well as enter tare and parts count functionality. Scanners and printers are also available for efficient input and output of data.
Impact Management
Introduce operator safety with low impact notification as a tool for safe behaviour and damage prevention. High impact notifications provide management with real time awareness in order to inspect for vehicle and infrastructure damage.
Safety Checks
Integrating the SkidFleet Safety Check option means that every shift begins with a mandatory safety check that records the time taken to perform and individual safety questions with the ability to customize to specifics.
Most systems calculate vehicle utilization simply as operating key hours. The SkidFleet vehicle manager equipped with the utilization option reports productivity interruptions automatically in seconds within utilization factor with the ability for operators to input determining operational downtime causes.
* Requires On-board Check Weighing Option
Overloading Prevention
Weigh restrictions exists in all material handling applications from vehicle capacity to storage racking and conveyor belts. Utilizing the overload option provides security in automatically notifying operators when unsafe weight thresholds are met.
​* Requires On-board Check Weighing Option
Access Control
Designed to enhance vehicle security the access control option utilizes 3 access control technologies, keypad, RFID proximity card and tags. This means that only certified and authorized users are able to use vehicles equipped with SkidFleet.

iData Platforms That are Right for You

SkidFleet Vehicle Management Systems Provide a Variety of Data Options

USB Data Extraction
Each on-board unit equipped with a USB data option provides end users the ability to access all event records easily when ever needed. Simple insert a USB and download a .csv sortable excel file. SkidFleet systems sold with the Base Station communication hub can download fleet data from from a single source.
LAN Web Page
SKidFleet systems sold with the Base Station communication hub provide users with a LAN web page. The Base Station then connects to your network with 'plug N play' simplicity providing you all event notifications as they happen on your network computer.
Real Time Email
SkidFleet also provides end users with the ability to stay connected to critical events when they happen, as they happen through automatic email notifications. In 'real time' stake holders can set the SkidFleet system to provide alerts directly to their PDA device.

Get Started with SkidFleet and Find Hidden Results in Your Business


​Control and Manage Vehicle Usage


​Increase Safety with the Protection of Employees


​Increase Efficiency and Utilization


​Ensure Vehicle Inspection Compliance is Met


​​Boost Productivity with Weighing Applications

Basic SkidFleet Kit Technology Implementation Benefits

​Analyze Trends and Establish Benchmark for Ongoing Performance Analysis


The Basic SkidFleet Kit consist of:

* SkidWeigh Plus ED4 Series On-board Unit

* SkidFleet Base Station Communication Hub

In addition to the seamless integration to the back-end network systems the implementation of the "Basic SkidWeigh Kit" is all that is required to get accurate data on employee performance, identify shortfalls, analyze trends and have instant insight into your material handling operation. Utilize collected SkidFleet data to identify areas of concern and look into opportunities for improvement so you can address operational challenges and change the outcome before they turn into costly errors. Understanding the root cause of performance issues is the first step to becoming a more proactive organization.

SkidWeigh Plus ED4, Lift Truck On-board Monitor

  • Installs in 2 hours or less
  • Applicable for all vehicles regardless of the make, model, lifting capacity or operating voltage
  • ​RF wireless module, long range, 900 MHz
  • USB port
  • Easy to configure and calibrate
  • Password protected admin settings
  • Minimal to no operator input
  • Engineered for material handling environments
  • Note: For electric pallet truck applicable model is ED4-EP

SkidFleet Base Station Communication Hub

  • Plug-n-Play technology
  • Automatic communication protocol​
  • ​LAN webpage
  • FTP archival system
  • Easy to configure and change email setup​​
  • RF wireless module, long range, 900 MHz
  • USB port
  • 5.7" TFT touch screen display​​

Event Reporting and Notification

  • USB with Excel formatted report
  • On/Off event selection
  • Email option for all selected events
  • LAN webpage data suite
  • Customizable event reporting
  • Date stamped archival system​​
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